This is a sanctuary; a space for you to begin your journey without those things that cause us to fear a fresh beginning. As the soul protectors of our existence, our well being is paramount to our happiness. Each post will serve as a guide through different elements of the self and allow you to determine what areas you wish to practice in order to create a more fulfilled, happy and loving life.

I will guide you through the practice of meditation and explain its benefits, teach how you can enhance your mental health, explain how food helps us nourish our body, and share ways in which you can allow your soul to flourish. While seemingly separate facets of our existence, these things are interconnected and affect everything from our happiness to our perspective.


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I believe that with a sound mind, body, and soul life will present itself to you in the most positive ways. Through practicing these elements of life, I have found that the best way to live a more authentic, positive and fulfilling life is to simply start. If we choose to nurture our mental, bodily and our spiritual health, we will flourish in this beautiful life while walking alongside others. A sound existence must be practiced, it is not handed to us when we enter this world. To live a truly happy, authentic life is to recognize it is apart of our life- long journey navigating ourselves.

I hope to be your guide, your soul guru through the challenges you may face or struggles you may wish to overcome. I know how meditation and the practice of keeping a healthy mind, body and soul has changed my life. I know that I live each day happier and more fulfilled with better relationships and I want you to experience these joys.